Are you ready for macOS Ventura? 

If you are an IT Manager in an enterprise that uses the Apple environment then this checklist for IT is going to guide you through the process of migrating your enterprise to macOS Ventura. With new powerful ways to get more done, improved sharing and collaboration, macOS Ventura is perfect for enterprises that want to get that upgrade. Follow this checklist and ensure that employees in your enterprise have a great experience and a smooth transition from day zero.  

MacOS Ventura features and developer opportunities.  

  • First, understand macOS Ventura features and capabilities. 
  • With tools and resources for enterprise developers, your teams can develop apps with macOS Ventura. 

Scale your internal macOS Ventura beta program.  

  • Enrol your team in the AppleSeed for IT program. 
  • Coordinate plans with Apple Systems Engineer, AppleCare Account Manager, or Channel Account Manager.  
  • Expand internal cross-functional team for testing. 
  • Review the latest release notes, back up your data, and finally, download the betas from the AppleSeed portal. 
  • Test your everyday workflows with the Feedback Assistant app. 
  • Share knowledge with other participants on the discussion board.  

Test your IT systems.  

  • Complete the IT infrastructure survey in the AppleSeed for IT portal. 
  • Get familiar with the test plans from Apple that include topics such as MDM, SSO, Wi-Fi, VPN, and Exchange. 
  • Check with your MDM, security, identity, and app vendors for feature support.  
  • With Feedback Assistant, report bugs and submit enhancement requests to Apple. 

Validate your apps and plan for new features.  

  • Be a part of the Apple Developer Program and download tools for developers. 
  • Ensure internal and third-party app developers are up to date. 
  • Prioritize apps for testing, starting with key App Store apps and notarized third party apps.  
  • Take advantage of new features enabled by macOS Ventura and develop. 
  • Participate in the Universal App Quick Start Program to test and optimize internal apps for Apple Silicon.  

Plan your rollout communications.  

  • Plan an announcement to employees for launch day. 
  • Publish FAQs and support information internally to make the transition smooth.  
  • Schedule training sessions, launch calls, and webinars to familiarize changes and help employees understand how they can get the best out of MacOS Ventura.  

Do you think this checklist covers all the major points? If you feel there are any major things that every Mac Admin should never miss while transitioning to MacOS Ventura, mention in the comments down below.   

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