Key highlights of JNUC 2022 – Getting the most out of Apple  

The 2022 JNUC event that happened on 27th September was joined by partners including Apple, Google, Okta Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, and SwiftConnect, as well as customers American Airlines and HSBC. Jamf through discussions highlighted their commitment to continuous product innovation that will help enterprises adapt processes and systems so that they could get the most out of Apple ecosystem.  

Here are some of the key highlights of JNUC 2022 : 

BYOD enhancements 

Experts at Jamf showcased technology enhancements for BYOD devices. These features eliminated the need for two separate devices for personal and official purposes.  

The new workflow includes the following key capabilities: 

  • Self-enrolment and remote setup with no IT involvement required. 
  • Secure device partitioning for work and personal purpose.  
  • Cloud identity-based single sign-on provides access to business apps and data. 
  • Self-service app installation with App security automatically enabled.  
  • Cloud VPN private access to resources. 
  • Automated zero-trust blocking of compromised devices.  
  • ID cards installed in Apple Wallet for access to physical offices.  
  • Ease to set up dual eSims, supporting work and personal.  
  • Transform personal iPhone into a business-only phone with Apple’s focus mode.  

Device security out-of-the-box  

Zero-touch deployment is one of the most critical components of a smooth onboarding process. And now Jamf’s new developments have made the process even more organised and smooth sailing.  

Jamf’s software enables organizations to configure, secure, and deploy devices directly to employees. In addition to the current capabilities, Jamf Protect will get endpoint telemetry data collection and a new offline deployment mode that will stream telemetry directly to a SIEM for users with high compliance requirements. This will make it easier to safeguard endpoints. 

Auto updated software announced at JNUC 2022 

Jamf announced that monitored software suite has grown to over one thousand titles and more than one hundred App Installers that lower IT’s work while improving the security of the organization’s fleet.  

Jamf also mentioned that new App Installer features will be available, including user notifications and simplified App installation within Self Service to ensure relevant and authorized apps are displayed in customized app catalogs. 

Multi-layered zero trust access 

Jamf took Smart Group technology to the next level and created powerful security workflows by synthesizing multiple layers of data – including user, device, and new risk information. 

Organizations can use these to identify threats and take action. Jamf will now enforce the use of Private Access cloud identity providers to ensure only protected devices with encrypted data can run apps. Jamf also announced increased integration with Microsoft and Google. Jamf will be incorporating Google’s BeyondCorp framework into its offerings, allowing Jamf customers to use the enhanced security features of that technology on their iOS devices.  

Digital access to the physical workspace 

A new integration between Jamf and SwiftConnect will allow employees to access digital employee badge on the Apple Wallet app on iPhone or Apple Watch using cloud identity.  

Unmatched visibility into the status of a Mac fleet 

Jamf stated that it will provide support for Apple’s Declarative Device Management functionality. This means that supported devices will proactively report their status in real-time, and then the action needed can be automated or simply, initiated by users. 

New remote access tools announced at JNUC 2022 

Jamf announced a new Remote Access feature at JNUC 2022 that will enable IT admins to take remote control of any Mac from within Jamf Pro. 

Innovation Hubs announced at JNUC 2022 

Jamf announced the expansion of their MATTER Innovation Hub program – a initiative designed to provide teachers with cutting-edge technology in solar-powered Apple classrooms around the world. By opening MATTER Innovation Hubs in 14 locations, Jamf and MATTER have had a huge impact on the lives of over 5,000 students. 

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